Writing in short bites

New Life


The antiseptic, white corridors were empty. Closed sliding glass doors lined the walls, all blank and featureless.

Dr. Alan Saldano took a step forward, clutching the scalpel. He jumped when one of the glass doors slid open, the laser light blinking as it sensed his approach.

He was the only one left of the research team. In fact, he didn’t know if anyone was left alive on this level of the lab.

“Hello?!” he cried. “Security, can you hear me?!” The lab-wide intercom remained silent.

Things had changed so suddenly. An hour ago, the team had been celebrating after getting word from the corporate higher-ups that the next phase of their project had been approved. This despite the problems they had encountered with the experiment. And now everyone was dead.

The last door in the corridor led to the creches. He hadn’t wanted to pass this way except the elevators were located in this area. From his spot, he could see the words stenciled on the glass door: NURSERY.

He crept forward, trying to look everywhere that his neck started to hurt. They had been working so hard on their project, trying to beat other corporations in developing the first human clone. And they had managed to do it, birthing a healthy baby boy.

But the first subject– dubbed Adam, such a fucking corny joke– had been… other. Though he seemed like a normal baby, Adam acted like a wild animal, biting and scratching at the nurses that tended him. Then he started to develop teeth and his eyes began to flood with blood-red veins. And when he moved, he moved fast– so fucking fast.

As he neared the darkened nursery, the glass door slid open–  and he could hear the cries of the other babies in their creches.

He remembered his Filipino grandmother’s fairy tales, about the legend of the tyanak that haunted the woods of her childhood. And then he saw red eyes peering at him from their creches.


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