Writing in short bites

The Last Stand of Geronimo Yap

parking lot

There’s a point when you know you’re fucked up totally and incredibly. The security guard Geronimo Yap knew he had reached that point when he found his partner Elijah Macasaet stripped flesh-to-bone in twenty seconds flat. Unfortunately, Elijah was holding the remote detonator at that time.

“Shit,” Geronimo muttered and started running, leaving the now-useless C4 explosives. The hundreds of tyanaks, all baby-small, fish-white skin and red eyes, followed after him. “Shitshitshitshit!”

He exited the pharmaceutical factory and slammed the security door shut. Good thing the door swung inward; the metal door bulged outward as the army of tiny monsters crashed against it. He heard a multitude of frustrated screeching behind the door. Thank God they didn’t know how to use doorknobs.

“Putangina ninyo! You won’t eat me alive!” he shouted back.

He frantically backed away onto the parking lot lit by overhead lamplights. Shitshitshit. He only had a shotgun, a bandoleer of shells and a pistol stuck behind his back. Not enough to kill them all.

He looked up and saw the dome of light arcing beyond the highway: the NAIA airport terminal 3. A possibility slipped into his mind and he headed towards the road. Just as he did, the door bent further outward and he saw clawed limbs reach in hunger for him.

He weaved through empty cars in the parking lot, his chest heaving as his army boots pounded a lonely thud-thud-thud on the pavement. There was a last shriek of metal and the door fell open to release a flood of tyanak into the night.

He climbed the main road and avoided being hit by a speeding Mercedes Benz exiting from the highway. He risked a glance behind him and saw the driver of the Benz had gotten out of his car and was waving a pistol at him: “Hey asshole!”

“Sorry!” Geronimo shouted, “Look out behind you!” Then he ran on. The Benz driver looked back in confusion only to see the wave of tyanak just before they engulfed him with gnashing sharp teeth.


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