Writing in short bites


Losing Sarah


“Are you still wearing that?” his sister-in-law asked him as she drove them to Megamall through the torrential rain.

Carlo looked at the small black pin on his chest, stark and bright on his faded orange jacket. He shrugged. “I keep forgetting to remove it.”

Erika only looked at him for a while before her 9-nine year old son, Jasper, clamored for her attention. Carlo looked outside the car window where the streets were being swept clean by the typhoon rain.

He didn’t feel like accompanying Erika and Jasper to the mall and its crowd. But his sister-in-law had asked for his help, saying that she needed someone to watch over Jasper while she ran her errands. Carlo had acceded to her request, feeling that he had been neglecting his nephew for some time. And besides, he liked Jasper. (more…)