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The Social Civil War


The past was dead, the future was unimaginable. — George Orwell, 1984

From Wikipedia:
There are many local historians who have their theories on when or why the Social Civil War broke out from within the sprawling mix of towering business-commercial districts and urban decay that was the megalopolis of Metro Manila in 2035.

However, the Social Civil War started seven years before the actual conflict with a crowd-sourced civil disobedience movement created by a hacker group called Incognito Army, whose roots can be traced to the early 2000 Anonymous and Occupy groups. With the help of the outlaw Ululz Network and young enthusiastic recruits dubbed ‘trolls’, they spread throughout the interconnected cities of the Philippine capital.

President Dante Marcos IV’s so-called Civic Republic — which supposedly cited as influence the 1970s’ Bagong Lipunan — answered these acts of civil disobedience with the Youth Patrol Act of 2032, also known as the Pinoy Big Brother Law …





“Please, is anybody out there? This is Radyo Pilipinas, calling for help to anyone who will listen.

“My name is Doctor Emilio Agcaoili. I am broadcasting on this radio frequency but I cannot stay here for long as I am always being jammed. I hope to get this message out while I still can.

“There are still survivors here. I repeat, there are still survivors in Metro Manila. We need your help in evacuating us. Please respond.

“The quarantine being imposed on the Philippines by the international coalition of governments is a tragedy on a genocidal scale. Do not believe everything that is being broadcast by the international media or on the Internet. (more…)

Tooth and Nail


(First posted here. It didn’t win but it was still fun enough to write and now I have a kernel of an idea for the start of my alternate history stories.)

Dictator Ferdinand Marcos was a crazy bastard and he lied to us.

For example, Martial Law? He had his reasons for it, the primary one being to kill all monsters. Big-assed, flying, digging, crawling, teeth and claws, bloodthirsty monsters. They came out of the woodwork and it took all Marcos and the government to put them down without panicking the public in the ‘70s.

Of course this took a toll on Marcos’ New Society with accusations of corruption and killings. Marcos couldn’t reveal they were actually fighting a war of shadows at that time and this would later cost him when the military took the side of civil society in Edsa ’86.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Take for example Jabidah Massacre. Remember that? Where more than a hundred Moro soldiers and officers were recruited and trained to invade Sabah? And when the operation was aborted, it was said the soldiers were summarily executed by the military?

Well, there’s a shadow story behind that one. (more…)



There were two feeders crouching over his garden that morning.

“Goddammit,” Anton said as he reached for his carbine.

He peered through the window to see if there were any lurkers and then unlocked the gun hatch in the center of the  back door.

“You assholes! Get off my garden!” he cried, aiming the rifle at them.

The two ignored his imprecations even as the sound of their chewing came clear to him. (more…)

The Pitch


(The ending to this story is here.)

Listless, Don Jaime Tadeo  heaved himself from behind the large mahogany desk and lumbered to the wall-sized window of his corporate office overlooking the city of Makati.

He was in a screaming, fuming, wrathful mood. However, he let his giant size overwhelm the black anger raging through his being and swallowed it whole.

He found himself scratching the dark burn mark on his chest– a result of a heart transplant surgery when he was a child– and barely stopped himself. The cherubim’s heart beating within his chest gave him the power to turn minds through his voice but he hated the reminder it had left. (more…)

The Stick


There were fifteen in the stick when they headed into the jungle.

Mikael was the first to go. He was walking tail-gunner when he disappeared in the brush. Ngawei and Arturo were next, their screams and bursts of gunfire setting the stick running. When they came to the clearing, they discovered only bullet casings and blood spatters.

And then they were twelve. (more…)

Son of The Pitch


(For Jay)

The Pitch – Epilogue

The king is dead. Long live the king.

Max sat beside a small cairn of rocks on top of a hill overlooking Metro Manila. In the far distance, the looming Makati Citadel burned. Fortunately, the smoke was blowing northerly so he could see the burning tower like a torch amidst the glass towers of the business-commercial district.

Burn it all, he thought, burn it all down to the ground. It was a fitting tribute for his father. (more…)