Writing in short bites




There were two feeders crouching over his garden that morning.

“Goddammit,” Anton said as he reached for his carbine.

He peered through the window to see if there were any lurkers and then unlocked the gun hatch in the center of the  back door.

“You assholes! Get off my garden!” he cried, aiming the rifle at them.

The two ignored his imprecations even as the sound of their chewing came clear to him. Read the rest of this page »


New Life


The antiseptic, white corridors were empty. Closed sliding glass doors lined the walls, all blank and featureless.

Dr. Alan Saldano took a step forward, clutching the scalpel. He jumped when one of the glass doors slid open, the laser light blinking as it sensed his approach.

He was the only one left of the research team. In fact, he didn’t know if anyone was left alive on this level of the lab.

“Hello?!” he cried. “Security, can you hear me?!” The lab-wide intercom remained silent. Read the rest of this page »



They were burning bodies again.

Manuel averted his eyes even as the smell of burning flesh overwhelmed him. At least the bodies this time weren’t human, he thought, though the limbs on the bonfire seemed human enough.

He carried his groceries to the small apartment he was renting on the avenida. As he was unlocking the gated door to his unit, a Humvee bearing a troop of American soldiers carrying high-powered rifles swept by with their siren red lights streaking the darkened street.

So far, the military sent by the United Nations had been successful in liberating Manila from the invading alien forces. But there were still pockets of resistance throughout the city. As he walked up his apartment, he thought he could hear muted gunfire in a distance. Read the rest of this page »

A Reunion at Revelation Rock


“Are you gonna go my way?” the driver asked, the dust from the dirt road settling on his rusty pickup truck.

Of the two men walking at the side of the road, only the younger man looked up.

Dressed in torn jeans, military boots, and a ragged Dead Kennedys t-shirt, the man smiled though his dead white eyes still looked at the world hungrily. “Gladly. Always good to see a helping hand.” Read the rest of this page »

An Aswang Love Story


Dude looks like a lady, the Englishman Tom Doesil thought as he glanced at the person crossing Malate Circle at 3 o’clock that night.

Tom grinned despite himself as he slowed down his rented Honda Civic around the rotunda. You’d think that after being in the country for almost six months and doing NGO work for the World Bank, he’d have an easier time judging Filipino faces.

He studied the person in the distance. Truth be told, the figure was too masculine to be a woman – the shoulders too broad, the Adam’s apple too prominent in the throat, and the features too strong despite the Chinese cast to the face. Read the rest of this page »

Working over the Holidays


Day 120, December 25, Christmas Day.
From the Log of Engineer Thomas Indra-de Leon, The Aureus Orbital

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

I can now officially announce that this is my first Christmas in space.

I’ve already tried to fix things inside the Aureus to make it appear more festive. Unfortunately, I don’t have too much in terms of colored paper and my Christmas lights consist of the on-board monitor’s flashing LEDs. Read the rest of this page »

The Sleep of Prey and Predator


“Like a virgin,” she crooned as she touched the pale full lips with a finger, “Touched for the very first time…”

The body on the bed didn’t respond and she laughed softly. She rose from the bed, the sheet sliding off to reveal her naked form. She glided on the room’s soft rug to the window where she had a view of the towers of Hong Kong all lit up in the distance.

Bored with the view, she headed towards the bathroom and passed the mirror. Her reflection moved past, her body shifting from that of a black hag to a curvaceous woman of Asian descent. She stepped on the cold bathroom tiles. Read the rest of this page »