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Tooth and Nail


(First posted here. It didn’t win but it was still fun enough to write and now I have a kernel of an idea for the start of my alternate history stories.)

Dictator Ferdinand Marcos was a crazy bastard and he lied to us.

For example, Martial Law? He had his reasons for it, the primary one being to kill all monsters. Big-assed, flying, digging, crawling, teeth and claws, bloodthirsty monsters. They came out of the woodwork and it took all Marcos and the government to put them down without panicking the public in the ‘70s.

Of course this took a toll on Marcos’ New Society with accusations of corruption and killings. Marcos couldn’t reveal they were actually fighting a war of shadows at that time and this would later cost him when the military took the side of civil society in Edsa ’86.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Take for example Jabidah Massacre. Remember that? Where more than a hundred Moro soldiers and officers were recruited and trained to invade Sabah? And when the operation was aborted, it was said the soldiers were summarily executed by the military?

Well, there’s a shadow story behind that one. (more…)