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The Last Stand of Geronimo Yap

parking lot

There’s a point when you know you’re fucked up totally and incredibly. The security guard Geronimo Yap knew he had reached that point when he found his partner Elijah Macasaet stripped flesh-to-bone in twenty seconds flat. Unfortunately, Elijah was holding the remote detonator at that time.

“Shit,” Geronimo muttered and started running, leaving the now-useless C4 explosives. The hundreds of tyanaks, all baby-small, fish-white skin and red eyes, followed after him. “Shitshitshitshit!”

He exited the pharmaceutical factory and slammed the security door shut. Good thing the door swung inward; the metal door bulged outward as the army of tiny monsters crashed against it. He heard a multitude of frustrated screeching behind the door. Thank God they didn’t know how to use doorknobs. (more…)