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The Social Civil War


The past was dead, the future was unimaginable. — George Orwell, 1984

From Wikipedia:
There are many local historians who have their theories on when or why the Social Civil War broke out from within the sprawling mix of towering business-commercial districts and urban decay that was the megalopolis of Metro Manila in 2035.

However, the Social Civil War started seven years before the actual conflict with a crowd-sourced civil disobedience movement created by a hacker group called Incognito Army, whose roots can be traced to the early 2000 Anonymous and Occupy groups. With the help of the outlaw Ululz Network and young enthusiastic recruits dubbed ‘trolls’, they spread throughout the interconnected cities of the Philippine capital.

President Dante Marcos IV’s so-called Civic Republic — which supposedly cited as influence the 1970s’ Bagong Lipunan — answered these acts of civil disobedience with the Youth Patrol Act of 2032, also known as the Pinoy Big Brother Law …