Writing in short bites



“Please, is anybody out there? This is Radyo Pilipinas, calling for help to anyone who will listen.

“My name is Doctor Emilio Agcaoili. I am broadcasting on this radio frequency but I cannot stay here for long as I am always being jammed. I hope to get this message out while I still can.

“There are still survivors here. I repeat, there are still survivors in Metro Manila. We need your help in evacuating us. Please respond.

“The quarantine being imposed on the Philippines by the international coalition of governments is a tragedy on a genocidal scale. Do not believe everything that is being broadcast by the international media or on the Internet.

“Fact #1, there is no truth about the massive storm that is hitting Metro Manila. However, the truth is that we are dying by the thousands here because of an unknown viral or biological agent. Bodies are lying in the streets. Survivors have tried to flee into areas outside the city but they are being prevented by an unknown military force. Roads and bridges have been blocked off. There is a naval blockade right outside Manila Bay.

“Fact #2, the supposed storm that is bombarding the capital of the Philippines and preventing international aid workers from flying into our country is actually misinformation being spread by the combined efforts of media outlets and international bodies, including the United Nations.

“Fact #3, the shutdown of Metro Manila’s connection to the outside world or even to its sister cities in the provinces via telecommunications, radio, TV, and Internet was too fast and too secure to be anything other than preplanned. The international authorities know what is happening to us down here.

“Fact #4, elements of our local military have tried to make a breakthrough against the unknown military force holding the countryside outside Metro Manila but the latter has proven to be far superior in terms of weaponry and hardware. They are ruthless, willing to shoot down any who try to leave the city and they have already done so.

“Fact #5, the national government has been gutted. Most of our leaders are dead and the military and the hospitals are helpless to stop the riots and the spread of the sickness. We are trying to hold out but we need evacuation as our food and medical supplies are running out.

“Please, we need your help. Please.

“Is anybody out there? This is Radyo Pilipinas, calling for help to anyone who can listen…—”


“… according to weather officials, the category 8 superstorm that hit the capital city of the Philippines is still circling the area and currently hampering international rescue efforts. I’m Jack Forrest for CNN.”


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